Comment: I Am Not Surprised In The Least! (((Laughs!!!))) How Funny! :)

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I Am Not Surprised In The Least! (((Laughs!!!))) How Funny! :)

I Am Not Surprised In The Least! (((Laughs!!!))) How Funny! :)

You are brave! I did my survey as soon as we started getting all this Gary Johnson Infiltration (Translation: Take Away As Many Write-In Votes From Ron Paul as possible) about 2 -3 months ago.

Everyone knows me and I was wearing my RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION Long-Sleeve Shirt. Many people who know me asked me: Who? What?

I told those who know me I was doing a project and that it was a prank. They know I have spent 5 years with The Ron Paul Campaigns.

All the other people who did not know me gave me the funniest looks.

I dared to put myself in an embarrassing position to prove my point.

Anyone can try it. Go out there and be brave. Wear a Straight Jacket with the Romney Logo! (((Laughs!!!))) God! We should have all done that! BAD P.R. Why did I not think of this before? Or Zombie Frankestein Outfits!(Romney looks like Frankestein: All he is missing are the Neck-Bolts).

I am sure your some of your neighbors may think you were on something. Just tell them it was a Survey Prank Project you were asked to do from your Ron Paul Friends :)

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