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I disagree.

You wrote that you are a theist, and you go on to ask if Rights exist in the Natural World, then confirm your thoughts with this statement which I disagree:

"In a universe where God does not exist, ... the fact that no way in heck do rights exist, no matter how evolved someone gets, they have not ever developed a "rights" gland. Ha. So of course they are a pretend concept that many partake in to protect themselves and of course creating a very complex smoke screen to hide that they don't exist gets pretty wordy but still ends with there being NO rights in a purely naturalistic universe."

Well, good question -- do natural rights exist in the natural world?

Unfortunately, its Bad answer.

Your answer is that one must believe in an unnatural 'magical underpants' gawd in order to believe in man's very natural rights' to life, liberty & property. No, not at all. One is not based upon the other at all.

Natural rights does exist in the real world, evidence for it is derived from factual events and it exists because MAN exists. Natural Rights of Man exists in much the same way as does the Law of Supply & Demand.

Good question, bad answer I think.


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