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"Furthermore if socialism means applying science to society then you need to tell me what science means."

Science is a method of perception whereby the scientific ideal is to perceive more accurately.

The Scientific Method is to place one perception next to another perception and to judge which perception is more accurate.

A subset of Science is Math.

Two people see a pile of rocks and they are trying to decide how many rocks will be carried from the pile to the place where the rocks will be used to make a campfire.

It is cold, and now there is work to be done.

One says many rocks will be needed, I am cold, and I am tired.

The other says here: you take this many, call it 2, one for each hand, and I will take 2, too, and then we can see if 4 is enough?

The cold and tired one says, you take all four, or I will hit you on the head with this rock.

The other one says, and when I'm dead, you have to carry all four.

The tired and cold one says OK, but once the fire is going, the rock may be used as a weapon yet, this time without warning.

One is a scientific method, the other is ambiguous on purpose?

"Just what is being applied to society and while you are at it you can tell me what society means."

Society is the human condition as a network of individuals connected to each other in various ways not limited to physical and psychological connections if there is, in fact, a spiritual connection included into the human condition.

"I still do not think you gave me a definition from Andrews in that long quote in the bond discussion."

The quote from Andrews was offered for your judgment concerning the Scientific conclusion found by Warren and Andrews concerning the essential element of a moral human condition, or "society", which is The Sovereignty of the Individual.

Socialism, as Science is applied to the study of Society, according to the findings reported by Andrews, concludes that the essential element, or connecting medium, from individual to individual, is The Sovereignty of the Individual.

In other words: it can be proven, time and again, that it is wrong to "make the Individual subordinate and subject to the Church, to the State, and to Society respectively" since that goes against the essential vital element of a moral social structure, or that goes against The Sovereignty of the Individual.

In other words: Scientifically speaking who is the boss of each individual?

If you say God is the boss of you, then as far as you are concerned that is true, and you cannot be morally forced by anyone else to give your your sovereignty whereby you decide who your boss is, and you decide who is not your boss.

Moral society, according to the scientific method of finding the more accurate perception, involves moral people allowing each other to be their own bosses which means The Sovereignty of the Individual.

If you say that Dad/Mom/Husband/Employer/Scripture is your boss, not someone lying to you, threatening you, or beating you into submission, then you are allowed that right/privilege/thought/act/power, by everyone else in a moral society according to the scientifically proven more accurate perception concerning that specific question.