Comment: This dude is right.

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This dude is right.

Ron Paul went away quietly. Can't says I blame him, after all the crap thrown his way, and with such a feeble campaign staff that did little to nothing to help. Ron Paul WAS a once in a lifetime candidate, but he sure made some bad decisions as to who would help steer his campaign. Now, he's off the radar. Time to move on. It would be awful to see Obama's mug for another 4 years, yuckin it up with all the rappers and basketball players. Romney would be slightly better, but still a inside power player for the "bosses". I'll be voting for Johnson. He surely won't win, but I'd like to help build a little 3rd party stir. I sure wish Ron Paul would have slammed the door on the RNC thugs, and set up shop with the Libertarian for one last swan dive. This time, it could have been interesting. Especially if he would reach out for surrogate helpers like Ventura, and the likes, who could help fan out the message of the 2 party corruption. Many more would have been happy to jump in. Screw the GOP.

alan laney