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It's good to have a civil dialogue, but it's also good to have a dialogue with some content. To sum up your reasoning as presented above: "I believe Romney is the lesser of two evils."

OK, can you add anything to that?

I think, all things considered, Obama is the lesser of the two evils.

Let me hit what little you did say:

Romney and Ryan show just as much disdain for the free market as Obama. (Think about what a truly free market would look like, and you see that the Federal Reserve *is* the fundamental topic of discussion here.) Romney and Ryan have shown just as much disdain for the Constitution as Obama. Notice Romney didn't even utter the word Constitution in the debates (according to what I've heard---I didn't listen to the debates because I've already heard more than enough from both of them). And, of course, whether he said the C word or not, we know he doesn't have the least regard for the document.

On the other hand, you have mentioned what I see as one of the main reasons that BO would be the lesser of two evils. You are saying that you prefer someone there who is falsely associated with the "free market" so that when the collapse comes, the "free market" can take the blame. Rather than have a perceived "socialist swine" there, so that collectivism and the managed economy can take the blame.

So, here's a civil comment: I disagree with you on that. You want someone who seems more like you there, so that all the responsibility for your own independence that you have ignored and all the reliance you have put in an evil federal system doesn't come back and bite you personally as much. Where is your concern for future generations? Why don't you want to take responsibility on yourself and have this evil system collapse in the most profitable way for them? I want it to collapse as quickly as possible and with the blame placed as clearly as possible on the embrace of collectivism as it can possibly be, so that we can build a livable, sustainable foundation for our children. Is that so unreasonable? If it's not, then Obama is clearly the lesser of two evils.

Thomas Paine said, "If trouble must come, let it come in my day, that my children may have peace." In short, this is an honorable sentiment, and "Romney is the lesser of two evils" is its opposite.

There are other reasons that Romney is objectively "worse" than Obama. He will funnel more money to the military industrial complex and (quite possibly) further create hatred for people who live in North America around the rest of the world.

Here's the biggie of them all: If Romney is elected, the vast majority of the Republican Party/Tea Party---whatever nonsense you want to call them---will *go* *to* *sleep* (period). Please think about this. It is absolutely true and among the worst things that can happen to this country. Many, many, many...many opportunities to educate these people and get them to wake up will be lost.