Comment: Not Wasting Your Vote

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Not Wasting Your Vote

Here's another good argument about not wasting your vote, although this argument really only works for Gary Johnson (sorry everyone else), but in alot of non-swing states, you could argue that a vote for Johnson is the only way NOT to waste your vote. I live in Kansas. Romney is going to win Kansas. A vote for Romney is a waste, and so is a vote for Obama, because regardless of who I vote for in Kansas, ROMNEY'S GONNA WIN KANSAS. On the other hand, if I vote for Johnson, my vote gets grouped together with all the other Johnson votes, and if they total 5% of the popular vote then the Libertarian Party will be federally funded in the 2016 election. So if you live in a red state OR a blue state, the only way NOT to waste your vote is by voting for Johnson... Or voting your conscience, but you get my point.