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Comment: 60 Seconds

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60 Seconds

The first minute should have been shown on TV. I'm convinced it is the baby pictures that would have tipped the balance if shown on TV. Ron Paul did not do well with women in polls, which is a shame, because obviously he's great with women in his professional life delivering babies.

I've often thought his expressions came from interacting with babies.

Also, that clip of the 2008 Iowa straw poll speech which he delivered as his wife was in the hospital with heart problems (he had taken her there overnight, and missed an earlier chance to speak) always seemed to me to be harsh or fierce, and not warm or wise, as his speeches usually are. I noticed it at the time, and only found out he'd been up all night, later. Not one of his best.

Great editing. I love editing that works with the music.

What do you think?