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Comment: Quite possibly America's last chance!

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Quite possibly America's last chance!

I am not ashamed to say that tears welled up and then freely flowed while watching this inspiring video. Dr. Paul's message will always represent to me what this great land was, and should/could be. I honor him and respect him for fighting the good fight for so long in the halls of Congress. I thank him for educating us and for awakening the spirit of love and liberty within us. And I will continue to fight for right and maintain hope because he has inspired us to do so.

My only fear is that this small, but haunting voice that whispers and echos in the recesses of my head--might be true. "By their graft and cheating, their lies and black-balling, by their corruption and theft, the leadership of America has turned its back on the message of truth and fairness, freedom and accountability, love and liberty. By their actions they have rejected the principles--the foundation--America was founded upon. By rejecting Dr. Ron Paul, America may have just turned her back on its last chance for restoration." Yes, these are the whispers that I sometimes hear coming from the dark corners of my mind. I pray it isn't true. I will continue to fight to prove that it isn't true!

My desire is that those of us who believe in the principles Dr. Paul has shared with us, can come together as one, and put away the petty differences of self and ego. It's time to be of one mind and embrace the joy--the hope--of liberty. It's time to love and support one another. It's time to celebrate the common truths and hope that we share.

**Stepping down from my soapbox now!**

I'm sorry, this video has inspired me once again.