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Write Ins

There is a note of desperation in many advocates of write-ins.

I suggest anyone who thinks a write in campaign will work this round, go door to door in their neighborhood and ask people to write Ron Paul in. Then think about getting enough people to do the same in their neighborhoods, to win.

Going door to door does work. I got Ron Paul's number up by 25% in my precinct in 2008, that is to say, I got him from 3% of the vote in Los Angeles County, to 4% in my precinct, by going door-to-door. But he was already on the ballot and actually running for the nomination.

I applaud people who write someone in because they feel they can't vote for anyone else. I think we should encourage more people to write in or not vote at all, if they haven't done their homework, especially, or if they aren't taking a long view.

But for me, I've written off this election already, and I'm focusing on 2016. Gary Johnson may well be asked to run again in 2016, and if he can build on this campaign as Ron Paul built on the last, next time we may really pull it off. At the very least, it will have an impact on Congressional races. I'm voting for Gary to make sure he's willing to run again.

What do you think?