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There's a few links to get you started. Gary seems great to those who haven't scratched beneath the surface. I would also suggest you look into Johnson's dungeons for dollars scheme, aka privatized, for profit prisons. Quite an eyeopener. Johnson erected the first two for profit prisons in New Mexico as governor. Wackenhut hired New Mexico legislator, Manny Aragon as a lobbyist for the "dungeons for dollars" program, which Johnson helped push through. Correctional Corporations have amassed large political influence through government ties, lobbying power and campaign contributions, while attempting to convert the discourse of justice into the language of the marketplace.

There have been many instances of prisoner abuses stemming from the privatized prison industrial complex. One of many examples... Former Pennsylvania juvenile court Judge Mark Ciavarella was found guilty of 12 counts of racketeering and conspiracy in February for sending youthful offenders to detention centers in exchange for $2 million in kickbacks from the builder of the for-profit facility.

Johnson's limited government iconoclasm is more that of an accountant - or motivational speaker -than that of a philosopher rooted in liberty. Government is not a business. Once profit is introduced as a motivator, it becomes the only motivator.