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Comment: Today at work

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Today at work

Today a coworker, knowing I'm a libertarian asked who I was voting for. I said I probably wouldn't vote, and if I did it would be either for Gary Johnson or write in Ron Paul.

"well you can't complain then!" he responds. to which I, having only had a few hours of sleep and an empty stomach being a bit testy, snapped back with

"Wait, you're telling me if I don't go to a booth and endorse one of two guys who will start more wars, tax me more and do a host of other things I completely disagree with, and somehow I'm the one responsible??"

He kinda didn't react and then was like "well yeah, good point" and then talked to me about the site a bit.

After a few minutes he left for the day and I took over where he was working, and when I opened my browser I saw that the last search term was for "libertarian".
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