Comment: this list is an outright lie.

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this list is an outright lie.

this list is an outright lie. colorado will not count uncertified write-ins. call the state election board. ron paul would had to have certified himself. they will never tally them and depending on what dem/rep is counting ballots can invalidate the whole ballot for defacing it by writing in a un certified candidate.

the ron paul write-in folks are basically in the same league as the liars,cheats and thieves in the rnc,gop est and romney camp.

only signed in, to let folks know this is an outright lie. write-ins for ron paul will not be tallied statewide and thrown out and not counted. since this is related to the video post as well. i must now go remove the video from my facebook. COLORADO WILL NOT COUNT UNCERTIFIED WRITE_INS!!!!

Ron Paul 2016