Comment: Hocking a book as if you're not the person?

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Hocking a book as if you're not the person?


"Dr"k research is Khaleel is Cass Ingram looks to act5ually be Dr. John F. Nettrour, MD

If you look to the right side of the page on this link..

Does the top guy not look like this guy more?

and this guy?

Dr. Kasim Khalil

or this guy as the thread suggests?
Dr. Kaasem Khaleel

Edit: Here's his supposed license. (having problems with the link so here is the number so you can search yourself.. 36070858)

Edit again: Just in case you think you can continue cleaning up behind me to hide your shit further.. as you've done on "LibertyUsapac" by adding information to it reveling a little more about yourself to seem as if you're being open.. I have all of these sites screenshots and downloaded in full.

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