Comment: Who to Vote For?

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Who to Vote For?

Now is the time to vote third party. Both the Democrat and Republican wings of our one-party-system continue to offer us Communism: the Democrats a takeover of our health care system, the disarming of the American people, their homosexual lifestyle, and the killing of the unborn, while the Republicans give us the Nazi Patriot Act, the TSA, the Department of Homeland Terrorism, torture, indefinite detention without charge and now, assassination of American citizens without trial.

So, it really doesn't matter which of these clowns get elected. They are just front men for those behind the scenes. Obama got millions of Americans to vote for him because he promised "change". Bush had become the most unpopular president in our history. Well, where is the change? There is no change. The talk is different, but it's all just professional wrestling. Obama and Romney are on the same team. Nothing is going to change.

That is, unless we elect people tp Congress with some backbone. This is nothing new. For decades, Congress has pretty much allowed the president to do as he pleases. Wage war without a declaration, issue "executive orders", and pretend that they are the law of the land, and now, allow the use of torture, indfinite imprisonment without any charge, and even assassination! Isn't this exactly the kind of thing Hitler and Stalin did?

I will vote third party, not because I expect my candidate to win, but because I refuse to play their game. Forget about the presidency - it's a lost cause. Concentrate on the Congress, and state sovereignty. By that I mean states taking back the powers they have relinquished to Washington.