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Comment: Ha! You Johnsonite trolls all

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Ha! You Johnsonite trolls all

Ha! You Johnsonite trolls all the say the same crap. "Newbie" "I've been here longer!" "You're with Romney!" "Ron Paul isn't competitive!"

Seriously, get some new material, because you certainly can't say Johnson is a libertarian. Sure, you're the only one who put time and effort into helping Ron Paul and liberty. Keep telling yourself that. You're about as ignorant as those who believe Romney to be different than Obama, but keep going with the Tim Johnson song and dance. You're still choosing the least of three evils.

And since we're making baseless accusations, when did you abandon Ron Paul and liberty? Far before the convention, I'd bet. If you want to quit, go ahead, but don't criticize those who finish what they started. I'm not abandoning my choice, unlike you.

Ron Paul or none at all. Suck it down.

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