Comment: WTH?

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So I can post a topic flaming members of DP, leave it up for a couple hours for the world to see, then delete it when it starts to heat up?

Post a topic flaming LL and when someone stands up for him, hide it from view. If you can't hide it just attack whoever defends him. Is that the way it goes? Sure seems that way.

If it's the moderators who deleted it. I want to know why topics that call people out by name to be flamed are deleted, but topics that praise other members are not. Like the topic stroking The Granger's ego that spent 2 weeks on the active forum topics list, or the countless posts praising Michael (like the one posted opposite the flame LL thread, and is currently active)? Is this some kind of loophole to stir up chit, or just inconsistent policy?

I had to search for the mod box because, I've never posted or visited here before. My first gripe.