Comment: You are preaching to the

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You are preaching to the

You are preaching to the choir and pounding home a message that can never possibly be said enough.

The D.P., its creator, and ALL of the members (oldies and newbies alike) are family.

NO One can drive you crazy like family! NO One can send you to both ends of the extreme at the same time except FAMILY.

NO One will correct your grammar, check your spelling, and show you how many possible ways there are to tell it better, shorter, and clearer, than FAMILY.

Only FAMILY will calm you and hold your hand when times are rough. (THANK YOU, Mr. Nystrom).

Only FAMILY will give you a heart attack when you are having an otherwise pleasant day. (I’m STILL waiting for the payback for this one).

YES, WE ARE FAMILY! We come with baggage, and varying degrees of appeal, but I thank the D.P. for bringing us all together and in particular, for putting up with me.

Welcome to the DAILY PAUL!

Thanks to Michael for its creation and to the many members who have seen to its improvement with their $. Thanks to all for just sharing their thoughts. Thank YOU Bear, for reminding us of our blessings.