Comment: Are you kidding? Didn't what this moderator say to you

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Are you kidding? Didn't what this moderator say to you

today have any impact at all? He posted it in 2 places and here it is in it's entirety for everyone to ponder.And you are whining about this bs post?
It's time
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It's time for you to go.
Someone recently asked me "if you should be banned (again)" for roughly the 5th or maybe 6th time? The truth of the matter is that NO administrator would have given you so many chances. You've even bragged about being banned several times from the previous website you came from.
I am going to just answer their question publicly, and see if there is any support for my thoughts.
It's not because I'm anti-GJ, or pro RP. I frankly don't care who anyone votes for at this point. We all have to live with the consequences of our decisions.

It's not just because you live in Canada, and really have no business sitting on here 8-16 hours a day (most every day) trying to manipulate the members here through guilt, shame, and lies. It's not just because you're not an honest broker. You run around here breaking ALL the rules, but then have the audacity to make a thread telling people they need to obey the rules.
You're constantly spamming people's threads, bumping your own, and harassing people with some form of constant drama, insults, and accusations. But when MN comes online, you turn into a sweet little angel, and immediately start clearing out the cache of rude comments to others with
"Thanks brother"
"Big smile on my face"
etc. etc., so that MN doesn't see the way you truly are when he is away. I've seen it happen many times. You're not fooling anyone who has been paying attention.
You say you just want a "healthy exchange of opinions" and that "love is the only bridge" when the reality is that anyones who disagrees with you, or is possibly just tired of the crap, is labeled some sort of "Romney, FBI, Mossad, Neo-Nazi operative." This is a typical and tiresome tactic of yours, and I'm afraid that it has done more harm than good. For whatever few decent articles you drag up here (which anyone could do) you post several more divisive and deriding things that most times turn into a slugfest and flame war.
The biggest problem I have with you, is that you have taken advantage of our host's good nature, and have him possibly thinking that you are going to do harm to yourself if ever banned from here. You have made comments that you were suicidal, but that MN's comments to you had calmed you down and made you think twice. This is sheer manipulation, and one of the lowest and sickest forms of it.
You have poured out a laundry list of personal problems over the last five plus years. Several members (including me) have gone out of their way to share their personal experiences with you both publicly and privately to try and help you. The problem is that you're not really interested in taking personal responsibility and getting any better. The vicious cycle of binge drinking, and blaming everyone and everything else for your problems has continued, and WILL continue until you take some serious steps in your life.
I'd like to think that all of this will calm down after the election, but I sense a calm before the storm, just like when Jake Towne lost. There will be another round of lashing out at people because you have set your (and our) goals and expectations too high. It is NOT "all in our hands." This little website is NOT going to stop WWIII. There are 300+ more million people in this country that share some of the responsibility.
A friend recently sent me something called the "grid of life." It is about BALANCING our lives across many different areas, and not just fixating on one thing (like the DP and geopolitics). Many of us are still reeling from the treatment of the GOP, the corrupt media, and what happened with the RP campaign. We're trying to restore that balance in our CONTRIBUTION – FAMILY – WORK - HOBBY – ALONE TIME – RELATIONSHIP- LEISURE – PERSONAL GROWTH – FRIENDS.
You however are focused on one thing (and have even committed to it for the next 4 years), and while some might see that as "passion," I see it as an excuse for not working in these other areas so that you can have a balanced and healthy life. Allowing you to remain here in that many times destructive mode, is only enabling you, and not doing what is best for you and frankly the rest of the community.
It would be one thing if you had listened to the TONS of advice and help people have tried to offer, and honestly worked to try and achieve some of these things, but you haven't. It would also be something if you had taken note and appreciated the many 2nd chances you have been given here, yet you continue to do the same things you promised you wouldn't.
It wouldn't matter if ALL your articles were on the front page, and you dominated half of the active forum topics to the right, and you had your photo at the top center banner. It would STILL NOT be enough. You (like me) have an addictive personality. You are addicted to attention, be it positive or negative. When you don't get the attention you crave, you begin to make a spectacle of yourself, and create a lot of discord in the community. When people get tired of it and push back, you go running to the owner demanding that he ban all of them for even daring. It has become beyond ridiculous.
I for one have had enough. Your constant excuses and apologies have fallen on deaf ears. You're like the boy who cried wolf. Your words are hollow and meaningless, because your actions prove differently EVERY time.
It's time for you to go. Tying your self esteem to this website is unhealthy for everyone. It's time for you to take responsibility for your own actions, lose the sense of self entitlement, and explore other avenues. Take interest in your OWN country, which is equally as corrupt. Get involved in local politics instead of thinking you can "save the planet." (or our republic) Learn a trade, and a hobby. Produce something instead of just constantly taking from others. Provide your own income, instead of living off the backs of others. (welfare) Make REAL friendships in your personal life, and not just on the internet. You will feel much better about yourself.
I may not contribute much here anymore. Mainly because there are other areas of my life that require my total focus and attention. But, part of the reason I don't participate as much, is because I'm tired of tuning in here only to see yet another thread where LL is in a drunken stupor, arguing with people about inane crap, and making accusations that are beyond the pale. It has made a bad situation that happened with RP, that much worse.
This is my last and only plea. Cut the cord. Let him go. It will be best in the long run. I will pull the switch myself if I have to, and happily take the blame. Just say the word. There is no sense in trying to save a drowning man that has no wish to help themselves, and will only pull you under.


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