Comment: Oh, Its a He?

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Oh, Its a He?

I thought it was a She. Well then that makes all the sense in the world. snark snark :)

No, I don't think he is trying to be my ally. He has already pre-judged me as an unenlightened sheep:

"SHEEP: Down-vote it. Enlightened ones: Up-vote it.

P.S. Just because you SAY you are enlightened doesn't make it so. Romney says plenty of stuff all the time that isn't true."
IMO anyone badgering anyone into voting a certain way is not an ally to be trusted.

If he was wrong or misinformed, all he needs to do is man up and say it and quit hiding behind badgering language.

You might also look at that title: of that post and ask Missouri’s DP OFallonBrent if he has succumbed to Romney campaign division. Do you know Brent Stafford?

A great ally in my book. Here I talked to him today: HE IS WRITING IN RON PAUL HERE IN MISSOURI. I dare call him a sheep or unenlightened.

I don’t mind all the Gary Johnson campaign stuff, but when it resorts to false information, lies and coercion I am going to say so and if the person making the post can defend their position, so be it. I am more than happy to be corrected. I rather know better than believe a lie.

Besides I added a qualifier: "Do you not know, did you not check, do you not care?" I guess I could have added, or did you forget. My bad.