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i dunno..

what Colbert is "really" all about. Alot of people seemed to think his RP endorsement back some time ago was genuine- Im not so sure. Remember the FDA/raw milk piece from back a couple years ago? I'll always wonder what the heck Colbert was up to back at the beginning of the year, during the South Carolina primary. Remember, RP had come off of strong runner-up finished in Iowa and NH going into SC. I would tend to believe different programs were in place to stop the Doctor, should he continue to break through the gatekeepers walls in early primary states.

Remember Donald Trump in 2011? The guy seemingly became a Republican only to disparage Ron Paul at CPAC 2011 and during the primaries. He acted the whole time as if he opposed Mitt Romney, first and foremost, and then endorsed Mittens out of the blue. The whole thing was bizarre

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