Comment: 3 Thanks, on & to DP.

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3 Thanks, on & to DP.

+1. 1st, a long over-due thanks to Micheal Nystrom, owner of DP.
2nd, thanks to Bear for this thankful initiative, made easy for us. You have written it so well, am wondering who will/can enhance it.
3rd, thanks to many DPers who posted what benefited us.

Six hours before this thread I wrote on an other page, about DP, =
"DP upholds the principles of Liberty, where we exchange & share news & views. It is the market-place of ideas & opinions, = freedom of thought & no-coercion. With Faith or without faith. Its a choice."

At the time of appreciation of creation one should also give thanks to the creator. I had missed out on that, - but Bear's post came as a timely reminder, =to give "thanks to Micheal Nystrom, the creator & owner of DP.

DP blog / service/facility is very easy to use, though I have not tried many tools & options offered here. I will learn them some-day - soon. DP moderators may have noticed that I have Not posted a new thread (OP?), I usually post comments on items in the right column, = the "Active Topics", or respond to those in my account page. My focus has been on 3 kinds of subjects, =
1) ConFirm the Name-s. 2) ConDemn U$ury. 3) ConFront Zionism.

Added +1 to 911, & encouraged references to scriptures, to strengthen Faith. Some months back there were two threads I had passed, 1) contribution, and 2) intro. This can be arranged- so no excuses here, I feel like a defaulter. Hope to arrange it soon.

Today we read a wake-up post by PollMan, re "restore balance" -

with best wishes to Micheal, Bear, & all DPers.