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Had you been born in

Had you been born in Afghanistan, you would be arguing for the existence of Allah. Had your parent's practiced the long time American traditions of the tooth fairy, and Santa, you would have believed them. That is, until your cognitive ability to think rationally and critically lead you to believe otherwise (Once you recognize that "from Santa" was written in mom's handwriting, or wake up to dad stuffing a few dollars under the pillow after losing a tooth, the gig is up). The fact is, the human brain is vulnerable to these types of delusions. There have been studies done to determine just how this vulnerability might have been adaptive in the past. A few million years ago, in the plains of Africa, there would have been a survival advantage for children who took their parents word for it that they might get mauled by a lion if they wonder into the bush alone. These children who were genetically predisposed to "believing without seeing" would have had greater survival, and therefore greater reproductive success... These genes would have been passed on, while the "have to see it to believe it" genes would have been selected against. This is of course just a theory to explain why people are vulnerable to delusions such as the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, God, etc... There are three types of Christians: Those who are taught the religion at a young age and carry it with them into adulthood. This could be explained by the adaptive hypothesis mentioned above. The second type are those who reach a hopeless state in their life and are desperate for a way out. You hear these "and then I found the lord and everything changed" stories all the time. The third are those who cannot deal with the harsh realities of our existence, such as lack of defined purpose, or losing a loved one indefinitely, or perhaps the inability to cope with their own imminent death. Which category do you fall under?

As far as the chimpanzee... If the only evidence to support evolutionary biology was that there are genetic similarities between the chimp and man, I would be skeptical. But that's just a grain of sand on a whole beach of evidence. Your inability to think rationally on this matter leads me to believe that you probably fit into the first category mentioned above. Those who fall under the first category are generally the most intolerant of evolutionary concepts.

an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government