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Good post. There's just been so much hate, people insulting each other, demonizing, and vicious treatment that it's getting much harder now to keep coming here. To all, DP is my fav, pls stop killing it. Thx.

I have seen many other debates here over the years. Zeitgeist v. Christians, Classical Liberals v. Constitutional Conservatives, Occupy v. .....people who looked stuff up and figured out that there were some collectivist philosophies tied to it, Paul v. P.Au.L., Pro-Rand v. Anti-Rand, and many others. This current debate is one I am not emotionally invested in at all. I have nothing against voting for GJ if that's what you want to do, cool by me! Just please do not disparage me for making a different individual decision. That's not cool, and I have seen some most uncool behavior of late, (not that I'm some shinning example myself, but I have openly acknowledge previous mistakes I have made here in the past, and I try to treat others as I'd want to be treated.)

I am quite sure that the DP will survive this, as it always does. However, It does appear to me that Constitutional Conservatives are being driven away. The DP is changing, I acknowledge that. If it devolves into a cesspool of insults, then we all suffer.

When it no longer says "Dedicated to Restoring Constitutional Government to the United States of America" at the top, that will be my queue. Until then, damn, guess your just stuck with me, lol!