Comment: The problem with this person...

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The problem with this person... "order of magnitude".

It is an age old tactic to make people wrong for promoting. The simple truth is you need money to promote. It is okay for the one party dressed as two to get money for promotion but not for any opposition to do it. An example is painting Linus Pauling as a "vitamin salesman" to discredit his promotion of health through natural means.

When someone negates against the mainstream , the mainstream implies that the fact that they get any money at all is soemthing sinister and ill-intentioned while they rake in the trillions.

Only in his head is it true that "money is the main issue".

To paraphrase Machiavelli: all the good ideas in the world are useless if no-one hears them.

The reasoning expressed in this video is totally out of whack.

He should get this straight in his head if wants to get anywhere. Currently, he is working against what he claims his idealism is.

It is okay for anyone else to promise whatever they want to to get into power and then violate it totally to the detriment of everyone on earth, but it's not okay for libertarians to do whatever they can to be heard within the system set up by morally criminal competition. He ignores totally the fact that all these criminal activities are likely to diminish enormously if libertarian principles are installed in a government.