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Well, you think wrong.

First off, I was educated in a parochial school and raised devoutly lutheran. I am very aware of both sides of the christian religions as well as many non-christian ones.

Then I learned logic and started asking questions. I was basically demonized for not blindly accepting "because he said so" and "because this book says so" and "the book is the truth because it tells us it's the truth". This does not make me an idiot but calling me one because I'm exposing YOUR flaws certainly makes you one.

Self righteous posturing is a well known tactic where one claims the higher ground in a debate based on an assumption that they are right. It is essentially accusing them of that assumption being wrong. So, you accused of this and I accused you back in a pot-calling-kettle manner which adds hypocrisy.

The difference is there is zero proof that religion has any validity at all if one uses logical practices where science has many and you can't even see that this gives you no higher ground to make this claim than those you call out.