Comment: Calling all armchair warriors on the DailyPaul

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Calling all armchair warriors on the DailyPaul

Thanks for the valuable link, NJ appreciates your efforts to aid the recovery.

Christie hasn't had a wink of sleep since this storm hit and had to waste probably half a day entertaining the president so the could get his election photo op. It was "smile for the camera" or risk the normal "bureaucratic impediments" to promised federal aid. The news won't report this of course but most of us here know better. Don't even try to lecture me on the evils of federal aid, I get it. If Christie runs for gov again next year, he will win hands down.

It's really bad here, people are working hard to share their homes, as I am with my extended family. Running a generator to keep the house warm and the fridge cold gets old pretty quick, but is a blessing if you prepared as such. But now your daily fuel consumption doubles. Trips out to scout for functional supermarkets that are somewhat stocked, etc., and gas have to be planned to avoid wasting gas. And we still have to report into work and burn fuel doing so. And this is if you are lucky to have not lost everything you own to a tree smashing your house in half, or it having burned down, or washed away by the shore.