Comment: We didn't have the votes.

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We didn't have the votes.

We didn't have the votes. In spite of the unethical actions taken against Ron, we didn't have the votes to win. The lopsided popular primary votes and the arguments against Ron that gained popular traction are proof to me that, while our message has gained a lot of traction in the past two election cycles, it has not been embraced by enough people, yet, to win a national election.

Even though cynicism about government is at all-time highs, people are still unwilling to take the next logical step and conclude that government does not work, either in principle or in practice. While it is easy to get people to blame the failings of government on the people in government, it is a much harder sell them on abandoning faith in the state as an institution.

That is the essence of Ron Paul's message, and a majority of citizens in this country aren't ready to go there yet. But we are making progress. The current political and economic environment makes an excellent incubator for our ideas, as people who are suffering and uneasy are more willing to consider change than those who are comfortable.

Like other deeply entrenched cultural ideas, collectivism will not be repelled overnight. We must keep delivering the message with calm, rational arguments, accurate information, and specific examples. We are gaining ground, but this is going to be a long campaign.

Ron Paul has done more for our movement as a teacher than he ever could have done as President. I have no regrets about my support for his campaigns.

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul