Comment: Wish he would stick to scientifically proven facts

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Wish he would stick to scientifically proven facts

Global warming is not a fact, and quite frankly, is probably not happening at all. Pollution, however, kills/poisons/destroys and should be curtailed voluntarily by the companies that produce it. And they would know that in a free market with the power of the Internet, a company that rapes the environment is not a company the people will want to deal with. I have no idea why the word pollution is never mentioned anymore, and it's always global warming / climate change, except for the fact that it promotes global oversight and the strengthening of the UN AKA one-world government.

In his defense, he is against government regulations to curb "global warming", and I agree with him that we should be seeking out cleaner energy sources, ultimately. But the free market can take care of that.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.