Comment: Good grief

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Good grief

You really don't trust Ron Paul, do you, unless he does things exactly the way you want him to.

You really think that him endorsing Gary Johnson would unify our movement? It won't. Those who are set on writing in Paul's name would feel betrayed and would write him in anyway or not write at all, most likely. I am a fence-sitter in this issue, torn between Johnson and Paul, but I would actually question the motivation behind such an endorsement at this point more than I'd question the "vote your conscience" advice. Paul has a habit of doing things that are not politically advantageous, of going against the grain for the sake of purity and principle. He's already told us all to vote our conscience, since he doesn't want to do our thinking and decision-making for us. Why would he change that?

Maybe you feel frustrated at his maverick behavior. Maybe you now understand why so many people in Congress from his own party hated him: he didn't do what they wanted, and they hated him for it. Here he is, this man of such upstanding character, and he won't lend his reputation to their causes! They'll call him names for it, accuse him of false things (like what you're doing now), and emphasize his failures because he didn't cooperate with them.

Personally, I would've been disappointed in him if he went against his own character and endorsed someone for political, not principled, reasons. And this endorsement you're wanting is strictly political: endorse Johnson so Johnson can get more votes. Nevermind that not every Paul supporter would naturally want to follow Johnson. Nevermind that I think the one reason why the Libertarian party has been relatively uncorrupted so far is BECAUSE of their lack of power and money, and that suddenly getting money and power would introduce corruption into the party.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine