Comment: Freedom V. Democracy

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Freedom V. Democracy

If I made the necessary sacrifices to save up for, buy and stockpile 10,000 rolls of toilet paper, those rolls would belong to me, assuming that we recognized natural law, the Bible, or the spirit of the Bill of Rights (there is one in every State Constitution). If I wished, I could throw the goods out, burn them, attempt to sell the toilet paper for $5 million per roll, or just keep the goods.

However, if a group of people got together and appointed a big guy to tell me to whom, how, and when I must sell my cherished toilet paper, we would have a democracy. Now the mob would determine the extent of everyone's rights.

So, does the government have the "right" to....?

Almost every politician sides with the law of the mob that elects them. Here it is again - "Thou Shalt Not Steal, Unless The Government Does It For You".

Gene Louis
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