Comment: I'm still voting for Gary Johnson....

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I'm still voting for Gary Johnson....

not because I support everything he believes. I'm voting for him because common sense tells me if Romney wins liberty-minded supporters will have zero chance of running another liberty-minded candidate within the Republican Party until 2020.

I don't get caught-up in the details that don't matter when fighting for liberty from the big picture view.

I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries although I'm Libertarian because it didn't matter to me who the Libertarian candidate was if we could get Ron Paul elected, although I don't agree with him 100%.

So, basically, I use Ron Paul's strategy of using the system to our best advantage like he did winning delegates although he didn't win the popular vote.

The great thing about using the Libertarian platform is the GOP can't change our rules behind closed doors.

Do what you have to do, no worries, Libertarians are just glad to see some Republicans finally coming around to our way of thinking. We know in politics, you won't get 100% of what you want, if you get 80%, you're lucky.