Comment: Well, I added to that purported 21%

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Well, I added to that purported 21%

I dropped off my mail-in ballot here in Pinellas County yesterday going through the drive-through drop-off point, with my dib for Gary Johnson, so I added my two bits to that purported 21%. My car is all blinged out with Ron Paul bumper stickers, on front and back, and magnets on each side of my car. As I was leaving the drive-through, I could only smile silently as I heard a woman holding an Obama sign, to my left, quietly mutter, "Ohhhh, Roooon Paul;" and saw, to my right, a Romney guy walking toward the entrance, look away from my Ron Paul bumper sticker, with a slight look of seemingly painful frustration on his face.

As I filled out my ballot before I went, I really felt the gravitational pull on my hand, urging my pen toward the write-in spot to write-in Ron Paul. But, considering how write-ins are treated in Florida, I felt my vote would have more effect voting for a third-party candidate who's on the ballot.

So, Gary Johnson, ride the wave, mah man.