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Being Forthright

Thank you for the link to Samuel Adam's speech. I have added it to my Library.

I think if the OP has been shown fact where they are wrong and does not respond and does not edit the post to correct mis/disinformation, then it is hard for me to claim that OP is brain washed. It rather shows willful deceit. However that OP could have been in an emergency situation recently, so I suppose they deserve the benefit of the doubt, but meanwhile I have post replies that show otherwise to their posted facts.

That OP did not return and discuss with me on the bond issue either. You did. Maybe the OP didn't know the answers? Maybe the OP didn't want to admit the answers? Maybe the OP got busy and didn't have time to answer. But I have seen multiple things from this OP that says to me, (my perception) that the OP is not on the up-and-up.

If Granger is wrong, she is willing to take a step back and review her conclusions. She does not tell anyone what to do thru deceitful means. She tells what she is doing. She may overly prod people to get involved in the GOP, but that is what Ron Paul suggested we do from what I understand.

Look here:

I'm thinking
Submitted by The Granger on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 10:08. Permalink
I have to go work the soup kithcen, if I see Father, I will confeses what I am thinking.. I'll drop by the GOP healdquarters, talk about it this week.. I would owe grassroots an apology, more than a congratulations, afterall.. I could not have participated.. so I have a lot to think about.. should write an article.. ((((bear))))

She was re-thinking her pledge that she signed this week. She is conflicted. She wants to write Ron Paul. She signed a pledge, her word, to people. See, she is seeking counsel. She is being open about her thoughts and will also speak to the people who she sits with on GOP committee. Maybe when she signed that pledge she was hoping they would all be voting for Ron Paul. That is what I had been hoping and praying for all year…Tampa. A miracle. No miracle, just evil in broad daylight.

Anyways, I am going to write in R O N P A U L and waste my vote that is not counted anyways.

I don’t know what this means:

“As to this topic, where there is no demand for it, my intention remains the same, I will offer it just in case a demand for it appears in time. I'm not a salesman”

Do you still want to talk about Speer’s book? And if so, is it ok to do it here?

Joe, I am going to apologize for something...again...but I realize I go run off and talk on other posts and create posts instead of applying myself. It is less taxing and I think that is why I do it. Talking to you requires alot of concentration, but it is well worth it. Can you continue to put up with me?