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I stopped at the condtracition

I think our discussion has run it's course.

I could be wrong of course.

To whom it may concern:

"...leads to central planning and I have no use for it because someone is going to do that planning and it may start out..."

"Central Planning" and "it" are processes or tools, like a pointed stick is a tool, a scalpel, fire, pliers, etc.

Some people, not me, blame individual human action on the tool.

"by those who are supposed to love them, not some nefarious government entity"

How can someone blame the tool, and then claim that blaming the tool is not true, all in the same response on a forum, as if the person doing that has two brains instead of one brain?

I stopped reading at that point. No amount of information I can offer can resolve contradictions that exist in a closed mind.