Comment: Why must it be an absolute

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Why must it be an absolute

Why must it be an absolute belief in God or an absolute belief in science? I'm humble enough as a human to realize I don't know everything. In my humble opinion, science is the answer to how instead of why. There's enough room for both of these beliefs to coexist in the same discussion. In my opinion, an absolutist on either side of the spectrum is not practicing enough humility.

It reminds me of many discussions on this board about how you have to be absolutely against Rand Paul, Jack Hunter, or absolutely with 9/11 theories and various speakers for the liberty movement.

It seems silly to me to shut out anyone with an opinion before you listen to it first. Differences and discussion are what make me a better person every day. If more humility and listening were part of everyday discussion the liberty movement and the human condition would greatly benefit.