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The rubber is meeting the road it seems

"So I ask this question. Does the Sovereignty of the Individual create moral people?"

The Sovereignty of the Individual is a process, a tool, at method, a planned, and then executed, human thought process, followed by human action in the same process, and therefore it can exist, if it is created, or it cannot exist, if it is not created, and then once it exists, the tool can then do things if a human being uses the tool to accomplish as goal.

You are asking me this question as if you are challenging me, as if I just fell off some turnip truck, so the idea that comes to my mind now, is patented absurdity.

It is becoming clear to me that there is no amount of information I can offer that can reach you, in a way that can transfer the information I perceive to be true, to you, intact.

You twist around the information I offer, and you ask me questions like that last one, over, and over, and over again, as if I never answered the same type of question before.

Tools, or physical things, or PLANNING out a process, and then following the PLANNED process as PLANNED, which is a PLAN, to do something according to the PLAN, and not divert from the PLAN, and then once the PLAN is followed through, all the actions are done according to the PLAN, there is then a result of having used the tool, which is PLAN, and those people who use the tool, which is a PLAN, can then see if the result of using the tool was the intended result of using the tool as PLANNED.

Since people are created with the power to decide, then people are created with the power of sovereignty, or, created with the power to decide, so the Sovereignty of the Individual, is a PLAN, whereby people PLAN; to use their own brains for something other than a hat rack.

If an individual uses their own brain to do immoral things then whose going to do anything effective to avoid being the victim sooner or later?

Your question again:

"So I ask this question. Does the Sovereignty of the Individual create moral people?"

Are things ever going to be understood to be unaccountable for the actions of people in your mind?

I have serious doubts at this point, and so, there are a few possible explanations for your incapacity to understand that things cannot be accountable for the actions of people.

You actually do know, but you are deceiving me with false claims by you that you do not know.

You are mentally incapable of knowing.

You are still suffering from a false belief in your own trust in your own perception of reality whereby you have determined in your own mind that things can be accountable for the actions of people, and since you trust your own perspective on that specific belief, no amount of information that contradicts that belief will ever be allowed to enter your perception calculator, your brain, to be reasoned out in any manner whatsoever. The information reaches the threshold of reason, and your belief in the accountability of things blocks any further progress, so you spit out these questions, as if it is a new day, and the past has no validity, all history is erased, the world start fresh and new, as if none of the other information offered to you ever existed.

I'm speculating.

"I like everything you laid out, except I am not so sure about using the word perception."

You might want to think that out better.

Let me know, please, if you find any reason along the way.

I can offer something you can just as easily discard as any other information I have already offered.

There is one absolute truth that no one, no human individual, can refute, because the act of attempting to refute this one absolute truth, knowable to human beings, is proven to be true each time anyone attempts to refute it.

What is that truth?