Comment: Hmmm, help me understand

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Hmmm, help me understand

I am almost twice your age, never in the hospital and no surgeries. No alcohol (it's a drug) no smoking (another drug)and no maryjane (another drug). For a young man it appears you have had a lot of drugs. Some of your classmates were forced to take drugs (Ritalin)and the only difference is that you self medicate.

I think you should have the right to self medicate and are you saying that smoking is a deadly habit and alcohol and smoking MJ are not?

Good for you that your only drugs are MJ, Alcohol, previous smoker, some Oxycontin and some meth.

You are right you are a PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper) level chemist.

You can test my theory chemist. Stop using all that stuff and watch what happens. You can record your own withdrawal. That is if you can hold the pen still. I think you should have the right to do that too.