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I apologize for posting a

I apologize for posting a forum topic and not being around to respond for a couple days, I had to run out to get my 85 year old landlord who has no heat and no where to go some coffee and soup and help my brother with his destroyed house.

I do indeed 100% think that much of the relief effort in these events is best done by friends and neighbors on a local level, and that FEMA has its problems. However that doesn't mean that any additional assistance possible isn't a good thing. Especially if those friends and neighbors also have their cars and homes and lives destroyed. Its sad to say, they have enough to worry about and fix on their own to have the capacity to help others. The way this country works currently, I am forced to pay multiple forms of taxes. All I am saying is I am much more o.k. with those taxes going towards disaster relief, that no one can predict but destroys my countryman's lives, whether it be for neighbors or someone in Wyoming I've never met, than to go towards bank bailouts, foreign affairs, subsidies, and election fundraisers. Do I think the army core, and red cross, and churches and neighbors do as much as they can in these times? Of course. But sometimes large scale disasters need additional assistance on a nationwide scale. As many of you have said "why should someone in phoenix be foreced to give his hard earned money to some rich guys beachhouse on the Jersey Shore?" Because that rich guy is forced to give to you as well should something devastating happen. Because that is a benefit and the drawback to living in a nation of states that are supposed to look out for one another. Because in real times of unprovoked disaster (not the fabricated times all the media makes up) you dont have time to start fundraisers and charity events, there needs to be a piggy bank and organization set up and waiting to help immediately. Because if we all just picked and choosed who we helped in times like these, than many would say 'oh ive been to Missouri and didnt really like it, so I'll help when another place that I like better gets a tornado" and thats not what living in a country is. If you feel this way than you should lobby to have your state secceed from the nation so you can only be concerned with it. I am very aware that this is a very liberal perspective, but on this one specific issue, and not much else, I guess maybe I am liberal and thats fine with me.