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Maybe not

Doesn't add up though. If there was a need for a LP candidate to run interference in the campaign, it was soon apparent the RP campaign was effectively sidelined, and with the release of the delegate strategy, a wake-up call and bad timing, they soon moved on that and shut the door, game over.

That's when the LP embraced the RP platform, and became a realistic threat to the GOP, hence the moves to get johnson off the ballot, and out of the debates. I think they thought the RP'ers were simply going to move across en mass and continue campaigning. So why, if the LP is in someones back pocket, didn't they use it. After the voting fiasco at both the R&D conventions, the performance of Obama, and the threat of mittens, there's going to be a sizeable backlash against both parties, and most of that has to go the way of the 3rd party candidates.

The polls have a narrow margin between them, but the GOP is just too confident. There's been no real debates, mittens shuts down his MSM ads, and no trump cards played. Other than an initial token gesture, there's been no real effort to woo the RP'ers back into the GOP, and quite frankly, neither of them seem overly bent on winning an election.
I think there's going to be a change on the hill in the next few days, bought and paid for.

When you look at Johnson, he is emanently qualified from a political, business and administration standpoint, and probably would have been a better choice for the GOP to have a walk-in win against Obama, but that wasn't the plan.
I don't think it's about the money, and just on that, anyone that wouldn't use federal funding to compete with the establishment, would be simply committed to by their rules, then change the system, the very thing they don't want to happen.

I think, as long as there was no sign of collusion between the various factions of the liberty movement, the status quo were confident of the outcome, or at least, the lack of any need to blatently manipulate the outcome.

The next election cycle is what it's about, and from where we stand right now, it looks like Mittens vs Clinton, with the doors locked at the GOP and the liberty movement still in the wilderness, unfunded, marginalised and ineffective.

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