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I am going to make a thread about this some time..

Getting 5% votes for GJ does not mean end of the 2-party system. It's not necessarily a victor for liberty, but a victory for the Libertarian party.

Libertarian Party, like any institution, can be co-opted and infiltrated. And as soon as the LP becomes anything significant, the power owners will bust out their money and either lobby or make boost people under the banner of LP that will do what THEY want.

And then, we would have a 3-party system, nothing will be changed EVEN if Gary Johnson gets 5% by some miracle.

The only way to real change is to educate the people around you, and vote for liberty candidates on the local levels and state level. Any institution can be corrupt and taken over, just like the Republican Party, just like C4L, And just like the TEA Party.

And when voting, vote for INDIVIDUALS that are a pro-liberty. Whatever party those people run under, vote for them. Though if we want have a second party, it's best to become the tent of the Republican Party.

EDUCATE EDUCATE EDUCATE and Vote locally, this federal election is meaningless, wake up!

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.