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...however, I have tried to figure out what "could" be going on. I am a troll for no party. I don't care for any of them at this point. However, I do care about the direction of the movement Ron Paul started and what will happen next.

There are many things I would correct in the following, primarily where I said Gary is pro-Israel (as he "attempted" to lighten some statements) later. I have read everything he has said and see much flip-flopping. I do not believe he will reach 5% and hope he does not. However, I see plenty of reasons that, knowingly or not to Gary, it might have been thought by the Republicans that if he could snare enough Ron Paul people plus disgruntled Democrats, especially pro gay marriage, legalizing pot, etc. that there just might be enough of a margin to justify a Romney win. Meanwhile the "liberty" movement outside the Repub and the one issue folks would be in a Fringe Marginalized Eccentrically Associated political FEMA camp for four years.

To me, it would be even worse if Gary got the 90 million. I am not a very popular poster and nobody paid any attention the first time; however, I am entitled to my opinion and wrote this:

I recognize that few agree ....however those are my thoughts.