Comment: Perhaps It Is Just My Age

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Perhaps It Is Just My Age

...however I have never used that meme "haters" and never will. Because you disagree with someone does not mean you hate them. Personally, I don't "hate" anyone...never have and never will.

To me, it is just a juvenile term taken from rap music or something to avoid intelligent debate and conversation. When used on this blog, seldom does anything helpful or intelligent follow.

Jetguy, yesterday's interview is yesterday's news. Given he has said something different in the past, what will he say tomorrow. That is my problem.

I do agree; however, that "true" hate knows no rational bounds. I come from a Christian standpoint of "hate the sin and love the sinner." For all I know Gary is a nice guy. However, he is inconsistent which probably is no sin and yet given the State of the Union and the World, Ron Paul's consistency raised the bar for some of us. When you know where you stand, you don't have to shift your position.