Comment: OK, quick lesson on getting #WriteInRonPaul trending Tuesday

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OK, quick lesson on getting #WriteInRonPaul trending Tuesday

And don't be embarrassed! CyndeZu tought me how to do it earlier in the campaign, myself!

the thing is you can retweet mine (I'm @usernamenuse you can follow me and I'll follow you back and retweet yours). But making your OWN is best because unique tweets add more to the trending algorithm or something as I've had it explained.

On the left of your screen as you go on twitter you will see what is currently trending. It helps to add one of those hash tags to your tweet as well because people following that will see yours as well. And don't put punctuation of your hashtag without a space in between

So, you might tweet:

#WriteInRonPaul ! #RonPaul is a CERTIFIED #WriteIn in #CA and #ME !! #ndaa #tlot #p2 #occupy #teaparty #ItHurtsSoBad #election

(that assumes '#ithurtssobad is a trending hash tag) that way those who follow #RonPaul and those who follow #tlot (top libertarians on twitter) and those tracking #CA or #ME or #election will see it as well as those who follow you. #p2 is progressive civil libertarians

other hash marks you can work in are #tcot (top conservatives on twitter) #teaparty #YALiberty #C4Liberty #Constitution or hashmarks for universities, particularly those he visited: #UCLA etc. And you will see what others are using!

Note that if you do it a while it may say you used up your tweets - try again an hour or so later -- we call that 'being in twitmo' but sometimes it lasts longer than others.

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