Comment: We have TWO messasges to send this time, so I'm voting Johnson.

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We have TWO messasges to send this time, so I'm voting Johnson.

My usual method for casting a vote, when the two major parties hand me Satan vs. Lucifer, is to vote for the visible candidate (minor party or counted write-in) whose STATED positions on the issues important to me is closest to mine and who makes these issues a major part of his campaign. By voting I tell the parties that HERE is a vote you COULD have had, and by picking such a candidate I tell them THAT is the direction you should change to try to get my vote next time.

By that rule, now that Ron Paul is a recognized (and thus counted) write-in candidate in California, I would normally vote for him. (I did this in the 2008 election.)

But this time around we have a somewhat different situation:
- Ron is retiring.
- Ron stuck with the Republican Party.
- The Republican Party proved itself to be totally corrupt in its (sometimes violent) suppression of the Ron Paul supporters. The people who did this are unfit to wield governmental power.
- The Republican Party changed its rules so its current rulers have become a self-perpetuating clique and grassroots reform attempts will fail.

This means we have another message to send, beyond our political positions. We must demonstrate that we will CONTINUE to be a force to be reckoned with, and that we are NOT tied to the party. We must show that locking us out of the party does NOT stop our movement from growing - it just means the party cut ITSELF off from that growth and energy, which will now occur elsewhere. EVEN IF IT WINS THE PRESIDENCY this time around we can show everyone that it has put itself on the same path as the Whigs.

Writing in Ron Paul might send a slightly clearer message about political position than voting for Gary Johnson. But it will send a confused message about our resolve. Voting for Ron will look like just sour grapes, like people who have differing goals, but who aren't willing to work OUTSIDE the Republican Party to achieve them.

Voting for Johnson says "We're not giving up the fight. Now that you've rejected us we'll build something ELSE up to eventually take you down!"

Yes, it's rigged. But even a rigged system can be toppled with enough effort and organization. Further, sometimes being rigged makes it even more vulnerable.

While the Libertarian Party may have some problems, there's nothing wrong with it that wouldn't be cured, automatically, by a big influx of people like us.

So that's why I'm voting for Johnson: To send TWO messages to ALL politicians, and to CONTINUE THE FIGHT to de-bloat the government and get it off all our backs.

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.