Comment: Tisha Casida = Epitomy

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Tisha Casida = Epitomy

of what we all strongly desire and need in a representative. What amazes me is she is probably more hardcore "liberty" than a good number of us on here. Don't believe me? Check her out at and look for yourself. If her platform isn't detailed enough for you, send her an email and ask her questions. You will ALWAYS get direct, honest answers from her. No distortion, lies, omissions, or dodging. She is extremely principled, consistent, and does not back down or pander to those who disagree with her!

What further amazes me is that she finds or MAKES the time to respond to people on the DP, on her facebook, and through her email. Tisha is the "the real deal", "the real Mccoy", "the genuine article", all of the synonyms you can think of for genuine and what we really want from a person representing us.

So if you check her out and agree with her stance on "liberty", throw her a few of your hard-earned FRN's. I'm sure she could use them for gas, signs, advertising etc. She is very much WORTH YOUR MONEY AND TIME!