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You forgot...

the leftist republican party coercing them into thinking socialism-lite is... somehow... NOT... "socialism." And CRUSHING any attempts to ACTUALLY FIGHT SOCIALISM with third parties.

The leftist republican party will slither through the universities with their FAKE-TEA parties like Freedomworks and their "action packs" of socialist propaganda (disguised as anti-socialist). They will DISGUSTINGLY BRAINWASH our children into believing COMPULSORY, UNCONSTITUTIONAL SOCIALISM like Medicare, SS, Disability, etc, etc, are just "a part of American life" and not worth fighting to get rid of - thus MANIPULATING THEM INTO SUBMISSION and ACCEPTANCE of socialism (as long as it's republican).

Isn't Kid Rock in Ohio somewhere shilling with SOCIALIST Romney? I wonder how many OF OUR CHILDREN we will allow to be brainwashed into being obedient republican socialists at that little shindig?

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.