Comment: There is an HONEST pro side.

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There is an HONEST pro side.

But it requires you throw away the propaganda, just as much as our side of things require.

Benefits of humanitarian aid:
1) It provides us some amount of control and leverage over certain foreign powers that would otherwise be hostile. It is in effect, a bribe to a specific regime, and therefore affords certain benefits.

2) It allows us to prop up wars in regions to prevent any one power from getting strong enough to touch us economically.

3) It generates artificially low foreign wage/cost markets that allow "our" corporations to provide goods to us at a lower cost and still make a greater profit.

4) It creates a subservient class in foreign countries that learn a dependance on the US which increases our general control over the worlds economic markets.

5) It requires an increase in tax dollars, which helps to create a slave mentality in the domestic population, but has the benefit of sounding benign. Who would be against feeding starving people? (REAL answer is everyone who has ever ignored Sally Struthers, but that is a hard thing for people to admit about themselves).

In other words, it has numerous benefits that are immoral, and damaging to our citizens as well as the foreign power's citizens, but which help to a great degree our slave masters.

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