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Smack Down

I have addressed all of these issues several times now.

1 & 2. Science speculates an answer based on their incomplete findings. And to date, Darwinism is a theory. A theory is a theory. There are not two definitions. Scientific theory is not tantamount to truth. It is a speculative theory. PERIOD.

3 & 4. Vaccinations did not eradicate infectious disease. Maybe this will help...
Why do you assume I would pray away infection. Probiotics are much better way of dealing with a bacterial infection.

5. Being on the computer or owning a car or using electricity has nothing to do with quality of life or happiness. No one said they are satanic. They just have nothing to do with happiness. If people are SO happy due to modern technology, then why are so many people on anti-depressants?

Did you get that... Anti-depressant use up 400% moron!

Like I said... I can smack you around all day.