Comment: Romney is that you. Sorry

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Romney is that you. Sorry

Romney is that you. Sorry this article feels as phoney as all those crap tv adds I have to watch on tv nightly since I live in the so called battle ground state of Ohio. This feels like nothing more than a paid attack piece to try and divide a group. It brings up the guy from the cfr who was long gone from Johnson's campaign before he did all those things listed in this article. I say vote for whoever you want and how you feel but have no doubt that team Romney will do anything to try and prevent the rise of a third party. They do not in any way want to see Johnson draw even 5% of the vote as they know it would give legitamacy to 3rd parties in the future. As long as they can make it seem like it is just a few fringe candidates the GOP and DEMS can dominate us like they have been.