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I do smiles :)

I smile because it makes people feel good. I like to make people feel good. It makes me feel good. I smile some more. A smile is something I can give freely to everyone I see. It costs me nothing to make them feel good except to remember to smile.

I think you called me a dictator. Maybe I am a dictator, but at least I am smiling. Maybe you didn't call me a dictator.

I asked you if you would go and say something nice here:

Maybe I would like the opportunity to say something nice back to you. Maybe I would like to make you smile.

Maybe I am a dictator. Maybe I am the smile dictator
b :) e :) a :) r :)
I don't know what you are saying:

"Talking to you requires alot of concentration, but it is well worth it. Can you continue to put up with me?"

It works both ways.
Does it require too much concentration to talk to me? Is the cost more than the power returned?

Josf, maybe I am bossy and sassy and it is not good for you to know the real me. Maybe that is not a side of me that shows well. I do not have any hidden motives. I had tears this afternoon and sadness because of our conversation today. I probaby shouldn't put so much stock in a Josf Friend, but I do. I didn't send you a song last Sunday because I didn't want to pollute your new Challenge post with off topic stuff. And besides, I was feeling insecure about it and felt maybe I was being a bother. Remember me, the one afraid that you don't want to talk to me. That is still me. But I rather know than not know. I rather not have the sound of silence after being called a dictator. Maybe I am. Maybe I am fooling myself. Maybe you are not fooled. Maybe our discussion has turned into gibberish.
I only suggested the change to the title because I want people to come here. Titles seem to draw me, so I figure they draw other people. It is human psyche. A xx number of letter's commercial saying stop here and look. Click me, not that other post. You have important information to give. There are alot of hype titles to compete with. Why did you click on that Free the Planet by Morning title? Why after just about everytime I hit save on that post and come back I find a new upvote. I think it is because people see the title, and then click on it because the title draws them to do that. Maybe they are starting a conversation there as well too. I dont know. But I think the information you offer is more than relevant and I want people to click on your title. A marketing strategy of sorts? I have signed on in spirit you know.

If you want me to talk to you on that other Save the Planet post I will.

Those were my thoughts. I consider you a friend, so I felt free to express them. I can be guarded and not express my thoughts.